Custom Software Development

    FrameworkPascal consulting service can help preserve intellectual property by customizing the Framework Windows compiler for transparent compilation of a wide variety specific non Windows program source codes to create Windows based GUI programs.

    After the compiler is modified for a specific non Windows program it can be compiled with no modifications to the original source code and can run, maintained and extended to take unlimited advantage of Windows XP, 2000 and Vista GUI API using direct calls to a functions based alternative API which hides the complexity of the Windows API messaging system and functional libraries include Internet and database interface.

    With a specific customization of the compiler an IP written for other systems including real and protected mode DOS, SUN, Apple MAC, Unix, Mainframes and database operating system can run on Windows with full access to the Windows GUI, API, controls, Direct X and the messaging system.

    The Framework Windows simplifies Windows programming by providing a function based alternative interface to the Windows API. It can be used to extended programs with Internet access, communication with other Windows program, DLL calls, build and access MS SQL and ODBC database, and emolument OLE. Scalable font, graphic interfaces can modernize the look and feel of legacy IP and hardware based software protection, and automated distribution and billing libraries are available for commercial distribution.

    Customization of the compiler and adaptation of Libraries can provide transparent compilation into a Windows GUI executable even if the program directly accesses hardware for functionality such as measurement, communications or real time control systems.

    The advantage of compiling original source code compared to the complexity of working the Windows API is obvious. Windows treats all programs as downloaded libraries requiring applications to provide entry point to the OS, scan system messages, and self manage the system focus with manage background screen updates. These Windows complexities vanish with our compiler's alternative function based API. Companies can preserve their irreplaceable IP investments while gaining the ability to extend the applications with Internet functionality, new technology, and compatibility with the dominant platform there by increase market potential while maintaining full control over their IP with fully documented source code compiled in house.

    Compiler adaptation is available for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista.

FrameworkPascal provide commercial development Libraries and DLL's modules include:
  • Automated hardware protection
  • WYSIWYG Word Processing
  • WYSIWYG Desktop Publishing
  • WYSIWYG Database Document Management
  • WYSIWYG Database Based Document Management
  • Database based CAD development platform
  • Other areas include:

    • RTL BDD Parallel streaming for FPGA /ASIC
    • C/C++, ASM ROM implementation
    • Assembly streaming
    • Graphics ROM and parallel hardware
    • Scientific Programs (Numerical Analysis)
    • Network Based database hardware implementation

    Copyright (c) 1995, 2022
    Moshe Frankel

    All rights reserved.

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    Copyright (c) 1995, 2022
    Moshe Frankel
    All rights reserved.