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Pascal Sources in Russia - The most comprehensive information about the TMT Pascal for Russian users.
BASS is a sound system for use in Windows 9x/NT/2K software. It's purpose is to provide developers with a set of powerful yet easy to use sample, stream (MP3, WAV, custom generated), MOD music (XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM), MO3 music (MP3 compressed MODs) and audio CD playback functions. BASS also allows 3D positioning of samples, streams and MOD musics, and supports A3D and EAX.
Chief's UNZIP package - useful unzip libraries for TMT Pascal compiler (MS-DOS and Win32 targets).
DirectX SDK for TMT Pascal - additional resources for TMT Pascal not originally included in distribution of version 4.0. They'll include DirectX SDK updates (both bug-fixes and updates for new versions), samples of DirectX usage in TMT pascal etc .
The Lama Realtime 3D Engine - simply 3D rendering engine.
UPX - a portable extendable high performance executable packer.

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